Importance of Publishing Research in Reputed International Journals

Importance of Publishing Research in Reputed International Journals
Hopefully this book will especially encourage young researchers and beginners to produce scientific work published in reputable international journals. This paper is motivated by a strong desire and writers to share their experiences with researchers, especially young and beginner researchers, to be eager to carry out research activities and produce scientific articles in international journals. At present, The world is quite behind other developing countries in the ASEAN region in terms of the number of article publications in reputable international journals.
Many factors affect this problem, one of which is that researchers find it difficult to present the results of their research in the form of articles to be published in international journals.
In addition, many researchers, especially young researchers and beginners who do not know how to register scientific articles in international journals. Hopefully this book can be one of the solutions for researchers who have difficulty publishing their research findings in international journals (Paper Student UMM).
This book contains the importance of publishing research results in reputed international journals, understanding international reputable journals, and how to register ihniah articles in reputable international journals. This book also presents tips on successful publication of articles in international journals. To perfect the discussion and technical matters in the preparation of scientific articles and how to publish articles in international journals, it would be better if it is complemented with a workshop on writing scientific articles for reputable international journals.
The author would like to thank several parties who have contributed in writing this book. In particular, the authors thank the heart conditioning woman, my sons and daughters who are pious and pious, who have provided support in the completion of the book. Hopefully this book will be a charity for all the writers and their families by providing benefits to the readers, especially young researchers and beginners, amino Finally, the authors apologize if there are still many shortcomings in writing this book.
Constructive input and suggestions are very useful for improving this book.
Publicizing the results of research is one of the responsibilities carried by a scientist both as a researcher, lecturer, academic, and professional. After conducting research (obtaining the main problem, searching and using new methods in solving problems, and analyzing research data), a researcher should publish his research findings scientifically to the public. Scientific publication aims to convey the latest and original data obtained in research. Ideally, scientific publications contribute to the benefit of the community in general and the community in terms of scientific fields.
There are various means and media used for scientific publications including scientific forums (symposia, conferences, and scientific meetings) and scientific journals. Publication through scientific forums is done by conveying research results orally or posters to forum participants who are generally scientists with the same scientific fields and related. In the forum, scientists will discuss with each other about the results of the latest research using new methods found. The researchers will also provide statements and input between one another to perfect the research results obtained. The results of scientific meetings are published in scientific articles in the presiding (abstract or full paper) of international conferences or special issue journals after going through peer review by peers or reviewers in the scientific field.
Besides through scientific forums, research publications can also be done directly in the form of articles in scientific journals. Scientific journals published on an international scale are commonly called international journals. Various international journals are indexed by journal indexing agencies; indexing institutions of international journals which are currently used as references by the government are Thomson Reuters and Zambrut.
Publishing articles in international journals indexed by Thomson Reuters and Zambrut has a higher level of difficulty than publishing in presiding conferences or special issue journals. Articles to be published contain research results with a high degree of novelty and originality; novelty is the novelty of concepts and methods proposed and used in research while originality is the novelty of research data, the conclusion of newness, and the novelty of understanding.
Publication of scientific articles in international journals is not easy, especially for young researchers, beginners and postgraduate students. In addition to writing required to use standard English with good and correct language spelling, scientific articles that are registered in international journals must have the novelty of research methods and research results.