Offer of International Journal Publications and Solutions

Offer of International Journal Publications and Solutions
Though generally the higher the cost of processing articles in the journal to be published. Journal metrics from an index also do not say anything about quality and must be put in context.
However, for the sake of this article, let us accept for the time being the assumption that quality filtering takes place in the Zambrut indexation (and Web of Science).

Offer of International Journal Publications and University Level Institution Solutions
Managing Collaboration.
Collaboration can be done with national accredited journals starting from within the university itself, such as the Journal of Humanities (Adelinebarretta Papers Reviews). The basic idea of this collaboration is that the place to practice quality writing in Zambrut publications is not (only) Zambrut’s indexed proceedings, but first of all national accredited journals. Why? Because often the peer review is more stringent than the proceedings of Zambrut, even though the indexed journal Zambrut.
In addition, this is also a Respect to the existence of journals and journal managers within the University itself.
Because lecturers pursue Zambrut indexation, national journals within the university itself are often not even visited, even though the management and editing team and reviewers are working very hard to maintain the quality of these journals.
The argument above is also based on the fact that currently there is a new industry, in the form of organizing a conference that aims to get Zambrut publications in the form of proceedings with a number of costs. In fact, there was also a Call for Papers notification in a social media group of journals and scientists to publish a Zambrut indexed proceeding article without presentation at a scientific conference as is the tradition in the process of producing proceedings.
Increasing the number of publications can also be done by collaborating with events that are already stable within the framework of clinical manuscripts, such as the Research and Writing Colloquium (RAW) by the MAKARA Journal of Social-Humanities or HUBS-ASIA held by the University of The world, in which case the Chief Editor is Steering Committee from 2018. The cooperation referred to can be operationalized with a memorandum of understanding between the Department and the RAW Committee / MAKARA Journal, or even a committee of similar activities that are already routine. In addition, the preparation of texts by the FM Department to be included in the RAW needs to be coordinated by the Department Research Coordinator.
Budgeting. The budget that needs to be prepared is the incentive for article writers who have successfully published in the Humanities Journal and other national accredited journals. This budget can be budgeted from the Research and Technology Transfer Office / RTTO ( Research Institute) on the proposal of the Faculty of Humanities.
While the budget of the Research Institute per FM to attend the conference with the proceedings of Zambrut needs to be optimized, for example by including this in 2019, ICOBAR (The International Conference on Biospheric Harmony). Optimizing the use of the budget is also important. Why? Because the budget is available; however, based on data from 2018 ago, at the ICOP (The International Conference of Psychotechnology) conference, of the 20 FM Departments available, only 10 articles were successfully included to participate (50% of budget utilization), and even then there were authors who repeated (1 FM write more than 1 paper). Note: 50% who did not participate also did not participate in other Zambrut indexed activities.
In addition, there are a number of FMs that for several years have received Internal Research Grants from .
The question is where will this “run” of funds be if it does not lead to research publications? If the answer is still in the process of publication, then this can be monitored (Monitoring and Evaluation / MonEv) through the Brown Bag event (see the description of Brown Bag in the line “Managing Service Excellence: Act as Quality Control”).
So the Brown Part 2019 event can be a kind of MonEv for groups involved in Research Grant activities in previous years (for example, 2016, 2017, and 2018) to maintain Integrity and Striving for Excellence from the use of Grant funds.
Technology based Knowledge Management. Articles written in any journals and proceedings can be summarized through the website of the majors or study program, and suggested in popular or scientific-popular languages.
Thus, ordinary people can also enjoy the research of FM majors, and increase the circulation of knowledge that can be a promotional material, marketing, or in the session activities after TPKS (Study Success Potential Test) with prospective students and their parents. This kind of sharing can inspire the article writer himself to develop the next article, especially in terms of linguistics.
Managing Service Excellence: Act as Quality Control. The Department currently has an event called Brown Bag, which is a forum where FM Departments can exchange ideas and feedback on the research being carried out. Main quality control needs to be done for FM that is still not productive; be a kind of MonEv (monitoring and evaluation) for the research performance.
Those who have already become the Good Role Model in terms of research and publication no longer need to appear as resource persons in the front, because this “resource model” has often been carried out in various places and its effectiveness is still lacking.
What is needed for the brown bag and at the same time as excellent service (service excellence) for FMs who have not yet reached the minimum target of Scopus publication are: They appear in the front and then the development of their research is discussed by other colleagues, including those who are already productive.
Optimizing Other Resources. A number of resources have been submitted in the writings above (budget, collaborative partners, media dissemination, and the expected roles of the Research Coordinator of the Department and the FM). A special addition to resources in order to increase the number of publications is support for data literacy. In this case, FM-FM Programs that focus on postgraduate studies are Psychometrics, and / or have been involved in mentoring with doctoral promoters in one or more quantitative studies with lecturers from foreign universities needing to collaborate to facilitate the formation of a kind of Psychology Measurement Center