Most Common Problems Owners of Mobile Homes Experience

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As a mobile home owner, you may think that the traditional household problems that other homeowners experience may not be of worry to you. Unfortunately, just as a regular homeowner, there are common problems you’re going to have to deal with. Understanding what these are and how to fix them now will help prepare you for when you end up facing these problems in the future.

Your mobile home roofing is prone to leakage. Small pinholes from outside elements, such as falling pinecones or acorns, can turn into larger holes with time. You want to check regularly for these holes so you can remedy them before they become a major problem later. To correct this issue, you’ll need to remove and replace the damaged shingles. If the holes were large enough to cause water damage to the insulation and ceiling panels, you’ll need to replace those as well as they can harbor hazardous mold.

As your mobile home experiences wear and tear you’ll start to notice that there are soft spots when you walk on the floor. Over time these will start to sink lower and lower. You’ll be able to look and see a noticeable difference in the height of the floor in the soft spots compared to the surrounding areas. To fix this problem you’re going to need to rip up the flooring in the area. You want to cut the floor back until you see the surrounding floor joists. These joists are important as they are where you’re going to attach new plywood to an overall sturdy hold. You want to ensure you use both glue and screws to attach the fresh plywood to the joist and then cover the wood with your flooring material, such as the carpet.

Water can be a damaging problem for any mobile home. While the home is built to keep water out, openings from windows and gutters can lead to water unintentionally entering your home. When you start to notice water trickling in through a closed window or door, it’s time to do some sealing. Using a caulking gun, you can reseal the door frame and window frames to get a tight seal. Just be sure that you dry the area before applying this sealant so that it attaches properly. This is something you will need to do every few years to protect against harmful water damage.

Around the foundation of a mobile home, there is typically a skirting of metal. This skirt covers up the piping and other underside elements that are not pleasing to look at. Unfortunately, over time with the outside elements, these skirts will start to bend and break off. Having a section of your skirt missing can really decrease the appeal of your mobile home. Fortunately for you, it’s very simple to purchase skirting at a mobile home supplier and install it yourself on the frame surrounding your trailer.

While you may be dealing with fewer home issues when you opt for a mobile home over a traditional one, there are still problems you should be informed of. The above are the most common issues experienced by mobile home owners. All of these issues can be easily fixed with a little sweat on your part and a good parts supplier.