Tips for Maintaining Consistency To Be able to Write Every Day

Tips for Maintaining Consistency To Be able to Write Every Day
Making articles for a student is no longer an obligation but has become a demand that must be met. Therefore students must be productive in making articles. But not all students can be productive considering the many schedules outside of college.
Writing articles is certainly not an easy job for anyone especially for novice students, it takes effort and consistent practice to write. For the sake of pursuing the target of having a blog many visitors are not strange if there are students choosing the instant way by utilizing the services of writing articles, rewriting articles in journals or newspapers, searching for English blogs then translating the contents of articles, and even copying the writings of others.
According to Studied Journal References Access on Mahasiswa Information Papers, An educational information blog or website that always updates articles will certainly get some benefits. With the condition that the articles made always pay attention to the quality and consistency. One reason I write this article is of course based on my personal experience. How difficult it is to maintain that focus and concentration. There are always “obstacles”. In the end the postponement and cancellation of writing articles becomes a consequence that is always overlooked. In the end I had to work out strategy by strategy to immediately “get rid of” those obstacles.
And you know what? These obstacles are actually trivial things, but I always take them lightly, which in the end I rarely pay attention and arrange them in such a way.
There are several factors that cause some beginner students like me to not be able to maintain a routine of posting every day. The causes are also varied, including not having time because they are busy with other work, or because they do not have fresh ideas every day and also spicy things like lingering habits on social media, viewing YouTube, and so forth.
Then how do you stay consistent making effective articles every day ???
Here are some tips so you can consistently write effective blog articles every day:
“Prepare Ideas from the Beginning” One reason students are absent from writing is none other than because they do not yet have the idea of what articles to write.
To avoid this, you should prepare article writing ideas before entering the posting schedule. The ideas can be developed from articles that have been published on your blog or by developing your discussion topic. You can also get ideas from articles on other web pages from home and abroad.
“Create a Writing Schedule” makes a blog post. Next you need to do is create a scheduling program. For example in a week you are targeting 6 articles, then you try to keep writing every day. Then, perfect the article that you wrote when the schedule for publication of the article arrived. This will make it easier for you, because you have prepared it from the beginning.
Creating a writing schedule is useful to help remind tasks that must be done and must be completed.
“Wake Up Writing Habits Every Day” Building writing habits every day is not as easy as imagined. But if you have a commitment, all that can certainly be done. Although at first there will be pressure because you have to write the exact deadline, but if you try hard and keep doing it, over time you will get used to and everything will become easier so that after a long time your articles will also have good quality and always waiting for by the reader.
No other way. Get used to writing every day then you will know what to do to get used to writing every day. At least this will facilitate you in doing college activities.
“Focus Focus Focus” Habits such as lingering on social media, looking at the blog statistics dashboard, tweaking templates and so on really disturb your focus so that your time will only be wasted. The solution to keeping the focus on posting articles every day is to make a tight schedule.
Because to produce a good blog article, a student must stay focused.
“Self Motivation” makes a blog post. The most important thing is to motivate yourself, because encouragement arising from yourself will create comfort without coercion from others. So that you feel enjoy when writing and of course full of brilliant ideas. If you are getting bored when writing, at least take a minute to refresh your burden, or you can do it with other things that can make you excited again, for example writing while listening to your favorite music.
Creating a blog is not as easy as imagined, you must try to always update, along with that the article created must also be of quality to the reader. Hopefully the tips above can help you to remain consistent in writing articles and your website page will look more professional because it contains fresh articles.
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