Knowledge and Developing the Potential of Education

Knowledge and Developing the Potential of Education
Understanding education is the process of learning activities of each individual or group whose aim is to improve the quality of mindset, knowledge and develop the potential of each individual. This educational process in daily life is better known as the learning process. Education is a process of learning from not knowing to knowing. Education is not only aimed at developing science, but more than that the most important thing is education on moral issues or human etiquette. Because no matter how smart someone is, if you don’t have manners or behave badly then it won’t be useful for the lives of many people.
The first stage that is very important in education is parents.
So it has become an obligation for parents to introduce education in various ways to their children from childhood to adulthood. And the next stage of education can be found in formal, non-formal, and informal learning. So that you get a full understanding, read on the understanding of education that we present below (Maisarmaisarah Literature).
Understanding education, parents who educate their children. Understanding Education According to Experts, If you have discussed about the definition of education in general, pay attention to the definition of education according to the following experts so that you better understand what education or education is.
Below is a review (Education Reviews)
1. Large Language Dictionary. Understanding education according to the Dictionary is the process of changing the attitudes and behavior of a person or group in an effort to mature themselves through teaching, training, process, and ways of educating.
2. According to Wikipedia. Education is the learning, skills, knowledge, and habits of a group of people who are passed down from one generation to the next generation through the process of teaching, training, and research.
3. Driyarkara. According to Driyakarya, education is an effort to provide customers with care and lift young people to be more human. Especially, in anticipating the development of an era that goes so fast. Important, so humans can still adjust as a role.
4. Marimba. He believes the notion of education is conscious guidance by education in physical and spiritual development for good things. Aimed at shaping personality to become a higher quality human being. To be useful for the community, home and nation.
5. Notoadmojo. Education or also called education is all efforts planned to influence other people both individuals, groups, or the community so that they do what is expected by education practitioners.
6. MJ Langeveld. Education is an adult human effort to guide underage humans to maturity. According to him also education is an effort to help children to carry out their life’s tasks, so that they can be independent, honesty, and responsible in a moral manner.

Educational Objectives. Education has several goals, including these:
Increase intelligence.
Changing human personality so that it has good character. Being able to control themselves. Improve skills. Increased creativity in what is learned. Educate humans to be better in the occupied field.
Kinds of Education. As explained above, education has three types or types, namely formal, non-formal education and informal education. The following explanation of various types of education:
1. Formal. This learning process is generally held in schools and there are applicable regulations and must be obeyed when they are following the learning process, then there are related parties who oversee the learning process at school.
In the world, formal education that can be taken by every individual is starting from elementary, junior high, and high school levels, to higher education.
2. Non-formal. Non-formal education is usually found in many neighborhoods, for example there are places to read and write education, then courses that are widely available in the environment such as car courses, music courses, and other courses.
3. Informal. While informal education is an educational pathway that is found in the family and the environment around the house.
In informal education there is an independent learning process and is carried out on the basis of awareness and a sense of responsibility held.
The results of informal education have been recognized the same as formal and non-formal education and were initiated by the government include: children must be educated from birth to adulthood, early education starts from the family. The family is a very important stage of education, because many children now because the family is a mess that greatly affects education in schools.