Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Education and the World of Business

Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Education and the World of Business
Some time ago the Telematics event in America in 2019 was held in New York on Thursday (04/01/2019). On this occasion the Coordinating Minister for the Economy of America Nasution was also present to give his views on the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which was influenced by the digital world.
For Darmin, there is no comfort zone in this revolution, because the condition of the technological world is rapidly changing, as is currently the case with the dynamics of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
As we know that we are currently in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).
Where this era is colored by artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), the era of super computers, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, automatic cars, innovation, and changes that occur in exponential speeds that will have an impact on the economy, industry, government and politics.
“The world is changing. It can’t be avoided, it’s just how we use it as much as possible so that the benefits are greater than its disadvantages, “Darmin said. In his speech, Darmin explained, on the one hand digital brings benefits and opens up vast opportunities for a country to make a big leap, the other hand there are also challenges.

Industrial Revolution 4.0
The Coordinating Minister for American Economy Darmin Nasution when giving his views on the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which was influenced by the digital world (Loquacious Research).
Then, what are the benefits and advantages of a digital platform according to Darmin Nasution?
Here are 3 benefits of digital platforms in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0:
1. Innovation. The emergence of new business models cannot be separated from the ability of innovators to design strategies through digital platforms. In America alone, digital innovation takes place not only in the retail world, but also in education, catering, health, and even in the legal world. The more people who participate, there will be healthy competition based on innovation, thus providing added value to the community.
2. Inclusivity. Through digital platforms, all kinds of services can easily reach many people in various regions. The result is inclusiveness that benefits people who live far from metropolitan areas, so they can enjoy digital services.
3. Efficiency. Of course with the development of digital platform innovation, there will automatically be efficiency, both in terms of manufacturing and marketing. This of course requires intelligence from business people to optimize their strategies in the digital world.
Industrial Revolution 4.0
In his speech, the Coordinating Minister for the American Economy, Darmin Nasution explained, on the one hand the digital brought benefits and opened up broad opportunities for a country to make a big leap, on the other hand there were also challenges.
If there are benefits derived from digital platforms in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0
there are definitely challenges that will be faced.
But what are the challenges?

The following are digital platform challenges in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0:
1. Full Problems. The digital economy that controls society certainly affects the public behavior that used to be the people shopping at retail stores, now starting to switch to online shopping. Social and cultural aspects like this also need to get the attention of parties such as the government and the community so that not many retail stores will fall one by one.
2. Inequality. Among all the positives, job loss due to being replaced by a robot or all the current work that can be done by a system is the most terrible scourge.
The automation caused by the Digital Revolution 4.0 needs to be taken seriously so that people can prepare skills for the future so that unemployment in America can be suppressed.
3. Competition. Unhealthy competition is worth watching out for. For example, if there is a monopoly platform, it is feared that there will be no checks and balances. If one platform is too dominating, then the user cannot make the choice of service that is most suitable for them.
In addition, in order to face the industrial revolution 4.0, the national industrial sector needs a lot of improvement, especially in the aspect of technology.
Because mastery of technology is the main key to determine the competitiveness of America in the industrial era 4.0. And in dealing with industry 4.0, America also needs to improve the quality of its Human Resources (HR). Because if it is not improved, then American industry will be increasingly left behind from other countries. If we do not increase capacity and competitiveness in the priority (industrial) sectors, we will not only be unable to achieve aspirations, but will be crushed by other countries that are better prepared in the global and domestic markets.