Recommended International Journal

Recommended International Journal
Website For students who are working on their final project, an international journal website can be chosen as a reference source. Because the reference to scientific work is not merely through books, but also from research journals conducted by others. In addition, if you want a career as an academic or researcher, international journal sites can be relied upon as additional data in your work. Especially for research topics that are still rarely done in The world. The best international journal website Again need a lot of references to scientific papers for the final project? Here are 14 of the best national and international journal provider sites that you can rely on.
1. Zambrut First, there is the Zambrut Library which has a collection of millions of books and a myriad of complete facilities for visitors. Besides having a myriad of books, the National Library also has a collection of national and international journals. Thanks to technological advances, you don’t need to come to Zambrut if you need to read a journal. Especially for you who are outside of Jakarta and are in need of many scientific references. Zambrut has a digital library that contains many paid scientific journals and has been rented by the government, so you can enjoy them for free. You must register and become a member first before you can enjoy the collection of free international journals (Hallo Bosse Journals).
2. Journal of Science and Technology Journal of Science and Technology can be a solution for those of you who are in the world of science and technology. You can enjoy various journals on the E-Journal site based on Open Journal System, ranging from Biotechnology & Biosciences, Industrial Studies, Environmental Technology, Weather Modification Science & Technology, Maritime Technology, and so on. So for those of you who are still confused about how to search for international and national journals in the fields of science and tenology, this journal can be chosen.
3. Nuclear Science and Technology Journal The study of Nuclear Science and Technology is indeed not very popular in The world because only a few State Universities have this department. Even so you can still get access to the necessary nuclear technology journals on the internet. You can visit the Zambrut Journal website which provides various science and technology journals especially in the nuclear field. So you don’t need to bother anymore to find international and national journals as references for nuclear studies.
4. World Science Institute From its name, the The world Institute of Sciences  has felt the nuances of its scholarship as a gathering place for the best scientists in a government agency that contributes knowledge to the world community. In Zambrut, you can find many journals ranging from engineering journals, chemical journals, biology journals, and more. And most importantly, the journal provided by zambrut is free and you can use it as needed.
5. Google Schoolar This one international journal website deserves to be relied on because it was worked directly by Google, the world tech giant. Google Schoolar has a large collection of free and paid journals.
One of the advantages of Google Schoolar is how to find an international journal that is fairly easy. You just have to search for the keyword journal, then press enter, then the journal that we want will appear. Do you want to download international journals for free on Google Schoolar? It’s easy, follow these steps:
1. First, log in to Google Schoolar.
2. You can type the keywords of the scientific journal that you want to search. 3. In the search field type / copy this strink: filetype: pdf. Furthermore, Google Schoolar will display various scientific journals that can be downloaded full paper in PDF format.
4. You can see the search results and links to get the full PDF format paper in the right column of search results.
5. Just click the PDF link and you can download the full paper international journal for free. Easy right how to find international journals with Google Schoolar?
6. Directory of Open Access Directory of Open Access can also be relied upon as a free international journal site that allows you to access various journals. How to find international journals in the Directory of Open Access you can do easily, just type in keywords. Like on the Google Schoolar site.
1. The first step, you open the Zambrut site Then you type keywords in the search field (If the results that appear only want ‘journals’, you can uncheck ‘articles’).
2. Then you can click the search button on the side and wait for the results to come out.
3. You can click one by one to enter the details of an existing journal.
4. After selecting a journal, you can see a list of several journals with their respective titles. Users can choose to view ‘abstract’ and “full text”.
7.Academia Another free international journal site is Academia which is quite popular with students. Because this site does provide a lot of journals and will help anyone who needs a reference. You can find scientific articles to international journals for free and easily. You just stop by the Academia site to find thesis references.
8.FreeFullPdf Still haven’t found the type of journal you’re looking for? You can visit FreeFullPdf which provides various types of scientific references in The worldn and English. You can find journals, ebooks, theses and theses on this site. Everything you can do for free and easily.
9. International Journal of Education & the Arts (Ijea) Another best international journal website is the International Journal of Education & the Arts (Ijea), which seems unfamiliar to netizens in addition to academics. This site provides many journals, especially those in foreign languages. For those of you who are looking for foreign language journal references, the International Journal of Education & the Arts (Ijea) deserves to be a choice.
10. Journal of Cambridge Cambridge Journal can be a mainstay for finding the best foreign language journals, especially for students and academics. This site provides comprehensive journal search needs with a wealth of references and ease of search. No wonder the Cambridge Journal is one of the best international journal sites.
11.Books Books has a collection of international journals that is complete enough for you to make a reference. In addition to journals visitors can read a variety of international scientific publications for free without complicated.
12. Oxford journal Who doesn’t want to go to university in Oxford? If you haven’t had the chance, you can visit the site which is useful especially for students and academics. You can find various scientific publications in the form of international journals and a myriad of other journals that are very useful for thesis fighters.
13.Microsoft Academic Besides Google, Microsoft also has an international journal website called Microsoft Academic. This website offers access to scientific journals from The worldn and English. You simply type in the keywords you want to search in the search box and the search system will narrow the search such as ‘Author’ for the author’s name, ‘Date Range’ for the year of publication, ‘Affiliation’ for the journal source, ‘Field of Study’ for the subject of your course. , “Journal” for the journal source is the same as the Affiliation menu.
14. Research Gate Finally there is the Research Gate which is a social media platform for researchers. Research Gate provides a discussion forum that can involve many researchers from all over the world. No wonder this site can be used as a journal reference at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of education. The international journal website has a lighter appearance than Academia. Unfortunately some journals are not open access so you need permission from the owner before use.