Definition of Writing and Writing Objectives

Definition of Writing and Writing Objectives
What is writing? Writing is an activity expressing one’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings expressed in written language. In another sense, writing is an activity to express thoughts and feelings in written form which is expected to be understood by the reader and functions as an indirect means of communication. Thus, we can emphasize that the notion of writing is a person’s activity to convey ideas to the reader in written language so that it can be understood by the reader.
Definition of Writing and Writing Objectives
Definition of Writing
According to the Learning Studied on Magpie Journals Reviews, the notion of writing is giving birth to thoughts or feelings (such as composing, making letters) with writing. Writing means pouring the contents of the author’s heart into written form, so that the intentions of the author’s heart can be known to many people through the writing written. The ability of a person in pouring out his heart into a writing is very different, influenced by the background of the writer. Thus, the quality or quality of the writings of each writer is different from each other. However, one important thing that related to writing activities, a writer must pay attention to the abilities and needs of his readers.
Writing is an activity that has a purpose. The purpose of writing can vary depending on the variety of writings. In general, the purpose of writing can be categorized as follows:
Notifying or Explaining: Writing that aims to inform or explain something is commonly called an exposition essay.
Convincing or Urgent: The purpose of writing is sometimes to convince the reader that what the writer is conveying is true so the writer hopes the reader will follow the writer’s opinion.
Telling Something: Writing that aims to tell an event to the reader is called a narrative essay.
Influencing Readers: The purpose of a writing is sometimes to influence or persuade the reader to follow the will of the writer.
Describe Something: An article is used to make the reader seem to see and feel something the writer tells in his writing.
In addition, the purpose of writing can also be viewed in terms of the interests of the author. Writing in terms of it has several objectives, which are as follows:
Purpose of the assignment: There are times when a post is made specifically to fulfill the assignment given.
Aesthetic goals: These goals are usually shared by writers. They write with the aim of creating a beauty through writing that can take the form of poetry, short stories, or novels
Information goal: This goal is related to the main motivation of the writer who made the writing to inform the reader.
Purpose of self-statement: An article is sometimes made to confirm who you are.
Consumptive purpose: There are times when a piece of writing is completed for sale and consumption by readers.
The Process of Making a Synopsis
The above strategy can actually be a guide for you to make a synopsis. However, if you still find it difficult enough to make a synopsis because you are not familiar, we will discuss the process of making a synopsis to help you.
There are several points in the process of making a synopsis that can help you.
Some of these processes are as follows:
First read the script that you want to make a synopsis. It aims to find out the details of the story, the plot and also the important impression of the writer in general.
If the reading process is complete, then note some important ideas in the text. In this case, you can also use a highlighter to mark ideas or underline some important ideas in the script
The next step for making a synopsis is to develop the main idea.
The development of this main idea is characterized by making concise, clear and also effective sentences
If you want to use dialogue, then try to summarize the dialogue and only outline the dialogue
Synopsis is made by maintaining the original storyline of the manuscript and may not deviate from the contents of the manuscript completely
Well, thus some discussion about the notion of synopsis and other matters. May be useful.
Description: the understanding of synopsis needs to be understood in depth as a basis for making. You should also understand a number of ways to make the synopsis.
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