Definition of Synopsis, Characteristics, Functions and Stages

Definition of Synopsis, Characteristics, Functions and Stages
In language lessons, synopsis becomes an interesting chapter to discuss. Synopsis is closely related to several learning media, such as novels, stories or even films. Of course, to be able to understand synopsis well, then having knowledge of synopsis understanding is the first thing you have to do.
Often, some people underestimate the meaning of something. They are reluctant to read what the initial definition of something. In fact, reading the definition is the first step to understanding something in more detail. Similarly, the synopsis. You must first understand the full definition of synopsis before getting to know other things.
Definition of Synopsis
So, what is the detailed definition of the synopsis? Well, according to experts on Journal Education Reviews, the meaning of synopsis is a summary or outline of the text which describes the contents of a book, film or even a performance that is done concretely or abstractly (According to Maferntrolin Education Reviews). From this understanding, it can be seen that synopsis is the result of summarizing source activities.
In use, synopsis is usually used to create a prologue in a script.
Well, this prolog is deliberately made as a form of initial description or short contents of the manuscript. It is said to be a summary of the manuscript because in reality the synopsis was only made with a few pages or about one fifth of the total manuscript.
Well, broadly speaking, the notion of synopsis is a summary of a text. A synopsis that can be made can be in the form of reading, film or staging.
This activity is very profitable to make an outline of the contents. In addition, for the makers of the synopsis, the results of the synopsis made can be evidence that he has read fully and understood the contents of the manuscript.

synopsis understanding
Synopsis characteristic
After discussing the definition of a synopsis, another thing to note is the characteristic of the synopsis. Knowing some of the characteristics of a synopsis is certainly important so that your knowledge becomes broader. So, what are the characteristics of the synopsis? Check out some of the reviews below.
The storyline remains the same
In making a synopsis, the story line will be maintained. As mentioned at the outset that the synopsis is a summary of the story. In this case, the story stored in the script will not be changed at all. It’s just that the story in the text will be summarized in such a way without changing the sequence of events that exist.
Use persuasive language
Unlike the original script, synopsis tends to use language that is more persuasive. This persuasive language is a special feature of synopsis. Of course, the use of persuasive language is not without reason.
Persuasive language is used as a strategy to make synopsis readers more interested in reading a complete text.
There is an invitation for the reader
In addition to the use of persuasive language, in the synopsis there is also an invitation for readers. This invitation usually contains motivation to read the work or script. This is in accordance with the purpose of the synopsis which is to provide a shorter description of the original text.
Give criticism to the manuscript
Another thing that characterizes synopsis is giving criticism to the text. In some cases, a synopsis also contains the advantages and disadvantages of the text. The existence of criticism from the manuscript can certainly be a picture of the complete manuscript and a reason for synopsis readers to like the summarized manuscript.
Shorten conflicts
The script will look special with an interesting and complex conflict.
Well, in this case, synopsis will abbreviate the conflict in the text. However, even though the conflict has been summarized, the conflict is still arranged in the same order from the source of the text.
With some explanation related to the characteristics of the synopsis, then you will know the difference between the synopsis and some other discussions. Understanding the characteristics of the synopsis can also be a help for those of you who want to make a synopsis of a text.
Synopsis function
In addition to the synopsis characteristics, another important thing to know is the function of synopsis. Well, as for some functions of the synopsis are as follows:
Provide a brief description of the contents of the story or an existing text
Provide a clear view of the storyline or chronology of the text being read
Ways to introduce the contents of the text or story that is in the reader with the aim of making the reader interested in reading the script further
Used as a guideline for the cast, especially for drama scripts, to improvise during the performance
Strategy to Make a Synopsis
After understanding the meaning of synopsis and several other important things, you can indeed try to make a synopsis from a reading. It’s just that, for the synopsis you produce to have good details, there are several strategies you can take.
This strategy will also facilitate the process of making a synopsis.
Well, as for some strategies that can be used to make a synopsis are as follows:
The first thing you must do when you want to make a synopsis is to determine the theme. The theme is the spirit in a story. Therefore, first determine the theme of the script you are reading. After that, just look for some main ideas that are in the text
If the theme you have found and believe, the next step is to pay attention to the flow.
Plot is the story from beginning to end. Well, in this case, you have to maintain the flow from beginning to end because basically synopsis does not change the order of events.
It’s just that you shouldn’t beat around the bush to explain the flow. Read each event well and deeply. After that, summarize the story line of the text as well as the function of the synopsis.
Another thing to consider when trying to make a detailed synopsis is about the characters. In this case, you try to make a synopsis with more emphasis on the character of the story. Emphasis that illustrates the character details of a character becomes important because it will make the reader synopsis amazed and interested in the text that you concise.